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Post  Dougal on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:45 pm

0. Set up a paypal to wire the donations to DONE
1 Buy server. This will cost $30. I'm hoping to donate 15$, but not promising.DONE
2. Get server running. This is just running, not 100% bug free.DONE
3. Get people on the server. We need a good playerbase, like people on at different times.
4. Get people's ranks/characters sorted out. This is making people admin, etc, and making people CCA, and CWU and such.
5. Get the map/character packs sorted out. This is pretty self explanatory, I'll be putting a map poll up later.DONE

We're HOPING to get the server up by next weekend, (Beginning of feburary), but we first have to buy the clockwork and all

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