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Who are you?
At the start, you are a citizen in a City. The Combine controls you and beats you at every step in the wrong direction. First, you will do passive RP, talking to people, interacting with objects and get your rations. All of the citizens are survivors of the 7 Hour War, which took place in the year 2015. After humanity surrendered to the Combine, they were forced into Cities, and given a CID. The citizens of every city have a large variety of attitudes. Some citizens bow to the might of the Combine, some rebel them, and others just do whatever they can to survive.

The Life of a Citizen
The life of a citizen of the Combine can be a harsh one, but it is up to you how to live it. Being a citizen comes with many ups and downs. The up side is protection from the dangerous outside world, free food and clothing, cheap housing, and more! The main downside of a being a citizen is the constant danger you face Inside the City. As a citizen, you have No rights at all, so don't complain when you get robbed, otherwise you may get beaten for annoying an officer! It's not too hard to figure out that a Loyalist would get a better life then an Anti-Citizen. Loyalist can recieve double rations, tokens rewards, and, if they have enough loyalist points, can become an assistant for a City administrator, while a anti-citizen might be denied many things, such as rations, and almost any form of CCA assistance.

As a human, you have several basic needs, most important are:
Even though you do not have to eat/drink/sleep, it doesn't mean your character doesn't need it.

Rations are packets filled with goodies which everything citizens want. Rations will be distributed every 2 hours (In-game time) if the required resources are met.

A ration contains:
60 tokens (The HL2RP currency)
Citizen Supplements (Food)
Breen's Water (Drink)
Before entering rations you are asked to apply, this means you have to give your name and CID, your Citizen ID is in your F1-menu.
Foods and drinks

The Combine have banned all foods and drinks that wasn't issued by them. So the only legal food and drinks are the one you gain from Combine resources. (Ration dispenser/Breen's water vending machine/CWU shop/Personal shop) The water at the trainstation contains brain-washing content, making you forget.

This actually requires no explanation, I hope. There are enough appartments in the City and they contain a bed. You roleplay sleep by lying on the bed with the /charfallover command.

As a citizen, you have many diffrent paths ahead of you. You can choose to be a store clerk, a thief, a rebel, a vagrant, or, heck, a street cleaner. The possibilities are endless! All it takes for a citizen to have an enjoyable roleplaying experience, is for them to really use their imagination. A citizen can choose between 3 main "paths" to go down. They can choose to be a loyalist, a anti-citizen, or an every day citizen. They could even be a gang leader, if they get permission of course.

As a citizen, you will quickly notice that you are not alone in this gloomy world. Factions like the CCA, or the Combine Civil Authority, are there to make your lives better, or worse. Something to remember when dealing with the CCA is that they are not cops. They will not always listen or even acknowledge you. If you are caught by the CCA doing any type of crime, you will most likely be beaten, detained, or amputated. What is amputation, you ask? It is what the CCA do when they kill citizens. On this server, 3 amputations = Permanent Death, so make sure not to get your favorite character killed.

The CWU, or the Civil Workers Union, is in charge of advancing the economy of the Cities, and they have the CCA to back them up. A Civil worker is little more then a citizen, so don't be too overwhelmed when you meet one. The CWU will be your main means of buying things, so make sure you have some token on hand. A CWU may hire a citizen to do things such as a pack items, deliver items, or other odd jobs. The CWU can be a big help to the citizens of a city, if the citizens are willing to help them in return.

Something to make note of as a citizen, is that you are on the bottom of the food chain. To the CCA, you are the dirt that they walk on. A citizen should always be afraid of the CCA, or any other members of the Universal Union, because for all you know, they could randomly turn around and shoot you! You should also be afraid of other citizens who may stalk you, threaten you, or attack you! Being afraid of things is important, and it ruins the roleplay when you don't do so. Being afraid is more commonly referred to as FearRP. A citizen who doesn't FearRp is the number one way to make RP worse. So make sure to be a scaredy cat.

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