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Post  DaveTheHuman on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:13 pm

Attempting to run CCA Manual.exe.......

You have successfully enlisted in the CCA (Combine Civil Authority)! You have enlisted yourself in the process of keeping the city civil and protecting the civilized society, while at the same time helping demolish the anti-citizen population!

<:Radio code:>

10-0: Use caution.
10-1: Not understood.
10-2: Understood.
10-3: Stop transmitting.
10-4: Copy.
10-8: Unit on duty.
10-10: Busy.
10-18: As soon as possible.
10-20: Location.
10-21: Report to Nexus
10-23: Stand by at (Location).
10-29: Check for contraband.
10-50: Patrol.
10-78: Dispatch for Officer in trouble. (Use in emergencies!)
10-99: Officer Down, In trouble. (Use in emergencies, and when ANOTHER officer is down.)
10-103M: Subject is mentally unfit.
10-106: Obscenity.
10-107: Suspicious Citizen.
10-107M: Disturbance.
11-1: Request medical assistance.
11-2: Request Overwatch.
11-3: Stalker.
11-6: Suspect is here, 10-20 is...
11-20: Unauthorized public gathering.
11-22: Contraband.
11-23: Contraband distribution.
11-44: Get the clean up crew.
11-70: Riot.
11-99: Officer requires immediate assistance! (Use only for emergencies!)

<:Civilian Code of Conduct:>
As per Universal Agreement with our Benefactors, each citizen has agreed to abide by a certain set of rules and regulations. You, as a CCA officer, get to enforce these rule sets! You will be expected to know the punishments, and how to react to certain situations.

<:CCA Rankings/Equpiment:>
05 -Only stunstick.
04 -Pistol and stunstick.
03 -Pistol and stunstick.
02 -Pistol and stunstick.
01 -Pistol, SMG, and stunstick.
OfC (Officer) -Pistol, SMG, shotgun and stunstick.
EpU (Elite Patrol Unit) -Pistol, SMG, shotgun and stunstick.
SqL (Squad Leader) -Pistol, SMG, shotgun and stunstick.
DvL (Divisional leader) -Pistol, SMG, shotgun, .44 Magnum, [With aproval from CmD+] and stunstick.
CmD (Commander)-Pistol, SMG, shotgun, .44 Magnum, Ar2, [In critical situations] and stunstick.
SeC (Sectoral Commander)-Pistol, .44 Magnum, SMG, shotgun, Ar2 and stunstick.

<:Roll Bonuses:>

RCT- +0
05- +5
04 +10
03 +15
02 +20
01 +25
OfC +30
EpU +35
SqL +40
DvL +50
CmD +55
SeC +65

OWS +50
EOW +60
OTA- +90

<:Loyalty Points:>
Citizens are awarded loyalty points for assisting the CCA. When they get certain amounts of loyal points, they get bonuses, as a reward.

Cleaning the city - 1 point.
Reporting contraband. (level 1 gets 1 point, level 2 gets 2 points, and level 3 gets 3 points.)
Fixing UU owned property or itmes - 2 Points.
Reporting a crime to an officer- 2 points.
Saving another Citizen- 3 Points.
Medically treating a CCA officer- 4 Points.
Saving a CCA officer- 5 Points.
Saving the City Administrator - 6 Points.

10 Points - A White Arband is given.
20 Points - A Blue Armband is given.
30 Points - A Red Armband is given.
50 Points - A Grey Armband is given
75 Points - A Purple Armband is given.
100 Points - A Orange armband is given.

There are several divisions in the CCA, each doing different things. Although they all bicker about who is the best, they actually all rely on eachother.

Union- The basic division. When you first join the CCA, this is what you will be put in. Its jobs are mainly patrolling and guarding the Nexus, although they sometimes might be called in on searches.

Grid- The technical division. They do all things technology, from designing weapons to torture tools, making scanners, repairing things around the nexus, defusing explosives, etc.

Apex- Interrogation and Intelligence. Their main job is to interrogate prisoners, although they preform various other jobs that regard collecting intelligence.

Ranger- The raid division. This is the division that responds to calls of contraband or armed anti-citizens. They are highly trained in breaching tactics and marksmanship.

Nova- The medics. Their job is to attend to units who have been injured in battle. They occasionally provide small help to citizens, and also preform bio-engineering, such as replacing organs with substitutes. (OOC: The organs the Combine have, genetically enhanced mechanized organs that outmatch and replace normal ones in high-ranking units.)

Storm- The training division. Their job is to train new units to the CCA force. (OOC: Only on when a unity needs to be trained.)

You may apply ICly to join a special divison at the rank of 05.

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