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McDougal's second CCA app Empty McDougal's second CCA app

Post  Dougal on Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:07 am


STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:23622332

Steam Name:McDougal

How long have you played the server? n/a

Former CCA experience: Been CCA on 3 servers, Apex DvL on one of them.

Why do you want to join the CCA?: I want to join the CCA because I think it'll be a great RP expierence for me, as I've enjoyed it in the past, and I absolutley love the hl2 canon.

What do you think CCA will be like for you?: I think the CCA will be a good expierence for me, seeing as I've done it before.

Please write a 2 paragraph IC backstory to your character:
Isaac McDougal was born August 2nd 1991, in a small town called Alliston. When the combine invaded, he didn't resist coming with them, unlike his parents, who were killed during the invasion. He moved to City 18, and started a new life there. He has always been fearful of the Combine, after what they did to his parents.

One day when Isaac was walking back to his apartment from recieving rations, a man in a rebel uniform pulled him into an alley, held a gun to his head, and asked him for all his tokens. Isaac obeyed, giving the man his tokens. "Good," said the rebel. "Now, we can't have any witnesses." Putting the gun to his head, he pulls back the hammer. Well, at least I'll be with my family... Isaac thought. Right before the man pulled the trigger, a bullet entered his hip. An officer came running to help, shooting the rebel again in the head, killing him. Isaac had been saved by this officer, and since then he has wanted to join the ranks of the CCA.

IC Physical Description:
Height: 6'0
Eye color: Silver
Hair color: Brown
Any other distinct physical features:scar on left leg

How active are you on the server? n/a

Has anyone recommended you for CCA? DavetheHuman, Xenoth

I McDougalhave a basic understanding of HL2RP cannon and have been completely honest in this application. I also understand that if anything (THIS MEANS A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G) is false, my application will be denied and my CCA will be revoked.

**if your poll has more than 50% yes, a staff member will make the final decision*

reapplying since fox took my spot as apex dvl </3

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McDougal's second CCA app Empty Re: McDougal's second CCA app

Post  Broncaholic on Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:21 am

Check what I said on the other app, same thing applies. Spectral and the other webmaster will help you develop a back story

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