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Post  Broncaholic on Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:07 pm

Fear RP:
Fear RP will be required, failure to follow Fear RP will result on:
- First Time Offence: Kick
- Second Time Offence: 1-Hour Ban
- Third Time Offence: Day Ban
- Fourth Time Offence: Perma Death
- Fifth Time Offence: Perma Ban
Due to your fear, if you are caught doing the following, you are subject to beatings by CCA:
- Loyalist Point Whoring
- Jumping
- Sprinting
- Bunny Hopping
- Being a Troll/Minge (Lolrunning, Not following RP, etc.)
OOC Rules:
You are not allowed to do the following or be subject to administrative punishment:
- Using Mic ICly
- Pro-fain Language
- Power Gaming
- Being Butthurt
- Metagaming
**Rules are subject to change**

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